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We are a family run business with a love of all things wax related. Kay, our founder started making wax melts as a hobby to keep her mind occupied while dealing with the death of her father. He passed away after having had a few strokes and developing Alzheimer's. He had been a carer for her mum who had dementia, but after becoming ill himself and unable to look after himself, both her parents ended up in a home and slowly deteriorating with their memories, which has been heart breaking to watch both parents forget their lives, family members & eventually each other. Having a hobby, gave her something to keep her busy, to think about and focus on. Over time, after realising that a lot of other people also loved to make wax melts and other home fragrance products, the company decided to start supplying various items for sale to help other people with making their own products. As time has gone by, the business is growing based on what customers are telling us, we continue to supply a range of starter kits, wax, simmering granules and such like to like minded people, but also recently are introducing new products under our white label service, so products can be supplied ready made, but left for the customer to label up themselves. This is a developing range, so just keep checking back for new lines as we introduce them and for updates on our social media feeds.