Golden Wax 494 Melt & Tart Soy Wax – 500g


Golden Wax Melt & Tart Soy Wax (494)
Weight: 500g Bag
Perfect For Making Wax Melts


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Golden Wax 494 Melt & Tart Soy Wax – 500g

This Golden Wax Melt & Tart Soy Wax has been specifically designed for making wax melts / tarts / snap bars, etc. 
Wax that is used for wax melts / tarts needs to contract slightly so that it can easily be removed from the mould and that is exactly what this wax does.  
Golden Wax 494 is a beautiful creamy Wax that has been specifically formulated for making wax melts and tarts.  This wax should give you frost free, smooth topped melts with excellent hot and cold scent throw. 

Now and again, this wax can create slight white marks ( which is called frosting) on the finished product, but it’s due to the characteristics of soy wax being natural and non-toxic and all soy waxes experience this.  It has no impact on the quality of the melts though.The melting point is 49-52C. 

Pour temperatures should be reasonably high (65-75C), unless you are pouring in to plastic clam shells, then we recommend no higher than 60C.The wax will hold 10% for most fragrances, but its advisable to do your own testing first.

Although higher scent loading doesn’t always equal better throw.
Most dyes work with GW 494; powder, liquid dye, chips, blocks, etc. When using powder dyes, heat the wax to approx. 75°C, add the dye and mix until dissolved. Powder dyes may also be dissolved in fragrance and then added to the melted wax, be sure the dye has dissolved completely before adding.
When using powder dyes dissolved in fragrance, liquid dyes, colour blocks, chips or no dye heat the wax to 70°C


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Golden Wax Melt & Tart Soy Wax


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