We are in no way affiliated with any designer fragrance company. 
     Our fragrance oil simply smells similar to the those named in this list.
A THOUSAND WISHES: Warm your heart a thousand times over with our blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies & almond crème, sugared sandalwood & velvet musk.
ALIENATE: Alienate has a rich floral woody amber fragrance containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber it is a fragrance whose magic trails awakens your emotions.
AMBER & SWEET ORANGE: Juicy orange with hints of mandarin, tangerine and bergamot & a base of rich dry woods including patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver with dark amber and musk.
ANGELS: Similar to the perfume ‘Angel’ this is a luxurious, chic and timeless fragrance. An oriental Gourmand, a delicious blend of Exotic Fruits, Caramel and Honey combined with the captivating power of Patchouli & Vanilla. 
APPLE & CINNAMON: A sweet fragrance with notes of juicy apple alongside warm spiced cinnamon and nuances of caramel, pastry and creamy vanilla.
BEDTIME BABY FRAGRANCE: A rich powdery floral fragrance with rose, freesia, lilac, mimosa and lily of the valley, leading to a caring base of powdery musk and dry flowers.
BABY POWDER: A classic baby type fragrance with an overall powdery feel, notes include geranium, rose and lilac, with a background of balsams, vanilla, tonka and musk.
BLACK CHERRY: A strong and vibrant scent identical to a tub of ripe cherries. Retaining all the sweetness of Cherry while adding rum notes and deep red tartness.
BLACK ORCHID: A sensuous blend of Black Truffle and Ylang mingled with fresh Bergamot and delectable Blackcurrant.
BLACK POMEGRANATE: With top notes of juicy red fruits, reminiscent of pomegranate, giving oil a lusciously refreshing quality. Floral blend heart notes that conjures the heady, spicy character of Casablanca lily. Base notes of temptingly smoky wood, it weaves through the fragrance, creating an aura of sensuality A classic high quality fragrance.
BLISS: A fruity floral peach fragrance with citrus orange and mandarin on a base of musk and soft woods.
BLONDE MOMENT: An incredible iced champagne mixed with rich sweet raspberry and cranberry.  This is a lovely scent.
BLOSSOM & SPRING RAIN: Crisp green stem and leaf notes blend harmoniously with vibrant cassis and citrus hints. These rest upon a heart of gentle green florals, lavandin and forest woods. Moss and patchouli form the subtle base.
BLUEBERRY & VANILLA: A fruity blend dominated by blueberries and strawberries with powdery sweetness of vanilla.
BUBBLEGUM: This bubble gum fragrance oil is has sweet, uplifting aroma which is the same as the juicy fruit gum! Notes of fresh berries, peach, pineapple and citrus completes this fragrance.
CARAMEL SNOWFLAKE: Fluffy marshmallow, cashmere, walnut cream, waffles, cedar wood and a drizzle of caramel makes this scent sophisticated and snuggly!
CANDY CANE: A lovely pepperminty fragrance with notes of sugar, peppermint and meringue.
CHERRY: A fruity cherry fragrance supported by a sweet vanilla.
CITRONELLA: A strong zesty citronella fragrance supported with citrus notes and florals of verbena and orange flower.
COCOA ORIGINAL: Inspired by the perfume this is an elegant Oriental perfume with spicy floral notes of rose and jasmine enhanced with patchouli, clove, tonka, sandal, amber, vanilla and powdery musk.
CRIMSON CRANBERRY SPARKLER: A sparkling fruit cocktail where ripe red cranberries and sweet raspberries are muddled with zesty lime leaves. The heart is a mix of peach, jasmine and rose, layered on a base of musk, tonka, vanilla and caramel.
CRISP CITRUS & MINT: A fresh, crisp citrus accord given sparkle in the opening with notes of pink grapefruit, tangerine and orange refreshed by a cool mint accord. The fruity floral heart of apple, pear and jasmine is rounded by a base of soft musks.
CUDDLES: Our Cuddles Fragrance Oil has sparkling top notes of citrus and green, a hint of clean aldehydic freshness and violet leaf, pine needles and a suggestion of apple peel, fresh florals such as white lily and lilac with rose, jasmine and iris, a background of amberwood, cedar, tonka and musk with a note of crisp spice.
DAISY: Similar smell to the perfume, a radiant and enhancing, sparkling floral bouquet – spirited and fresh, wrapped in comfort and warmth.
DAZZLING SECRET: A strong fruity floral fragrance opening with delicious fruity and green notes of banana and pineapple. It then leads onto a floral heart of violet, rose, jasmine and lily all resting on a creamy peach, coconut and vanilla base with hints of amberwood.
DEEP SEA MINERALS: A strong complex fruity floral opening with fresh aldehydes, apple, peach, rhubarb, bergamot, neroli and eucalyptus, leading to a heart of rose, Jasmin, heliotrope, orange flower and some herbal nuances, supported by soft woods, amber, vanilla and musk.
DOVE: Just like the soap bar, lovely and fresh smelling!
DREAMS: Similar to the popular Dreams scent boosters. Dreams fragrance has a luxurious level of lavender, silky vanilla, and gentle cedar undertones.
ENGLISH PEAR & FREESIA: A fresh fruity floral accord with notes of juicy pear followed by soft florals of freesia and rose supported by patchouli, amber and sheer musk.
FREESIA & WHITE SANDS: Light and breezy, this fruity floral fragrance unveils top notes of sparkling lemon, zesty lime and crisp apple, embraced by a soft floral heart of jasmine and freesia. On dry down, all this gently warmed by a blend of cedar, amber, musk and velvet woods.
FRESH: The scent of an ocean spray invigorated with green citrus aroma and sweet soapy notes.
FLOWER EXPLOSION: Similar to the womens perfume, flower bomb explodes into a bouquet of sensations with its addictive floral notes, with harmonious sparkling top notes of mandarin and orange, middle notes of Sambac jasmine with a hint of orange tree, Catleya orchid, freesia and Centifolia rose and a woody base note of Patchouli. 
FLUFFY TOWELS: The fresh scent of clean towels warm and fluffy straight from the dryer!
FRESH LINEN: Our Fresh Linen fragrance oil is similar in identity to the popular fabric softener. 
HOME SWEET HOME: A rich mouthwatering aroma with warm cinnamon, cloves and crushed ginger rounded with iced coconut and raisins.
ICE FAIRY: A fresh uplifting bubble gummy scent.
INVICTORS: Inspired by and similar to the aftershave this fragrance opens with fresh grapefruit and a marine accord that lead to the heart of aromatic bay leaf and Hedione jasmine and a woody base of guaiac wood, patchouli, oak moss and ambergris. 
J CHU: Similar smelling to the womens perfume, it Opens with luminous green top notes full of glittering radiance, the heart of rich and exotic tiger orchid lends a creamy seductiveness to the fragrance.  
JOUP: This classic fragrance conveys a timeless statement of individuality and masculine sensuality.
KREED AVENTOS: This fragrance has superb worldly scents, such as blackcurrant from sunny Corsica, bergamot from Italy, Calville Blanc apples from France, and Louisiana birch.
KREED GREEN IRISH TWEED: This fragrance presents with freshly cut grass, spring meadows, summer wild flowers and herbs warmed by a gentle sea breeze. 
KREED VIKING: Fresh citrus notes of Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian lemon with pink peppercorn, Bulgarian rose and peppermint. Woody base notes of Indian Sandalwood and Haitian vetiver complete this masculine masterpiece.
KREED MILLESIME: A shimmering citrus marine fragrance where bright jewel like notes of Calabrian bergamot and lemon combine with olibanum resting upon a heart of iris and cedar chips. The base is composed of warm amber, musk and sandalwood.
LAVENDER MARSHMALLOW: Two unexpected flavours, Lavender and Marshmallow, make this a fantastic mouth watering blend and a special treat.  We love this one!
LA VE BELLE: Iris Pallida, Jasmin Sambac Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Patchouli Essence. A lovely delicate scent.
LA VE est BON: An oriental, exquisite fragrance that opens with top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and cassis, followed by floral notes of orris, jasmine, orange blossom and lily, resting on a background of vanilla, tonka bean, praline, patchouli, cedarwood, musk and ambergris.
LAVISH: Lavish Fragrance Oil is similar in scent to the popular Lavish scent boosters. Lavish fragrance has as a peachy, gourmand scent infused with creamy tonic vanilla notes with a hint of caramel.
LE MALE: A creamy soft lavender accord with rich white florals, ylang, geranium and a sweet base freshened with a touch of mint.
LEMON & LAVENDER: A bright fragrance of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus with green and fruity nuances including tomato leaf, lime and spices.
LEMONGRASS & GINGER: A mouthwatering lemongrass fragrance with crushed ginger and sliced lime supported by nuances of coriander and cardamom.
LILY OF THE VALLEY: A floral accord opening with fruity notes of apple and pear, with green leaves and gentle aldehydes, leading into a floral heart of lily of the valley with additional floral tones of green violet, Jasmin, ylang, rose, hyacinth and hawthorn, with hints of peach on a base of powdery notes, amber and soft woods.
LIME BASIL & MANDARIN: A refreshing citrus fragrance where notes of juicy mandarin, lemon and a nuance of lime are accompanied by uplifting basil and thyme with a hint of lemongrass and spearmint.  These all rest on a cool base with accents of labdanum and vetivert. 
MADAM: Tea and mandarin are followed by rich, spicy floral notes of muguet, jasmine, rose and gardenia, resting on a warm, sensual accord of patchouli, vetiver, tonka, sandal and vanilla.
MAGNOLIA & RASPBERRY BLUSH: A chic and sophisticated fruity floral blend opening with top notes of red fruits, raspberry, pomegranate and soft peach, leading to a full heart of rose, lily, peony, jasmine and soft violet. At the base, a blend of sweet amber, mallow and smooth vanilla leaves a lasting impression.
MANGO: A fresh fruity mango accord with citrus notes of Florida orange along with subtle floral notes of jasmine and rose.
MONKEY FARTS: A fruity sweet, edible smelling fragrance with notes of pear, apple, plum, banana, peach, pineapple, strawberry and raspberry with light floral notes on a musk base.
NEW CAR: A new car fragrance with elements of leather and plastic with an unusual ylang quality.
NOIR OPIUM: An addictive gourmand floral with notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla for sweetness and sensuality.
OLYMPIA: Inspired by & similar to the perfume, a fresh oriental fragrance based on a sensual salty-vanilla accord for a sexy and divine trail. 
PASSION FRUIT MARTINI: A rich fruity accord dominated by notes of freshly sliced passion fruit blended with zesty lime and vanilla syrup.
PEAR DROPS: This scent will remind you of those red and yellow pear drop sweets we loved as kids! This fragrance is packed with elevating fresh and sweet base notes.
PEONY & BLUSH SUEDE: Peony & Blush Suede Fragrance Oil is similar in notes and identity to the popular scent. Peony & Blush Suede fragrance oil features peonies in bloom with the bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower. Mingling with the sensuality of soft, blush suede. Luxurious and seductive. Top note is red apple; middle notes are peony, jasmine, carnation and rose; base note is suede.
PINAPPLE NECTAR & HIBISCUS: Let this exotic fruity fragrance transport you to distant shores where vibrant sweet pineapple and tropical palm trees sway in a sweet yet fresh island breeze of floral hibiscus.
PINK SANDS: A fruity floral fragrance introduces citrus sweet orange notes and a fruit medley of coconuts, strawberries, melons and bananas leading to a floral core of muguet, rose and jasmine scattered with clary sage and cloves.  The base is enriched with sweet vanilla and sugar notes.
PURPLE RAIN: A refreshing citrus, fruity cocktail scent to your home. With tops notes of cranberry, lemon and lime combined with alcoholic nuances of blue curaçao, and vodka.
RAINBOW DROPS: Rainbow Drops Fragrance Oil is similar in scent style to the popular cleaning brand which is packed full of fruity, sweet flavours!
RHUBARB & CUSTARD: A sweet confectionery accord of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard.
RHUBARB & ROSE: A mouth-watering rhubarb fragrance blended with tea rose and hints of pineapple on a base of musk, velvety woods and dry fruits.
ROSE WONDERLAND: This fragrance is an uplifting scent with sweet orange, fresh rose, white musk and precious woods.
SAGE & SEA SALT: A sophisticated aromatic fragrance with delicate sage and grapefruit enriched by hints of bergamot and tangerine leading to an invigorating heart of fresh ozone, cool cotton breeze and soft florals smoothed by shades of musk, ambergris and clearwood.
SANDALWOOD: An elegant sandalwood fragrance with rich woody notes of sandal and cedar all warmed by notes of spice.
SAVAGE: Similar smell to the luxurious high end aftershave. The fragrance has radiant top notes bursting with the juicy freshness of Reggio di Calabria Bergamot. Ambroxan, derived from precious ambergris, unleashing a powerfully woody trail. 
SEA BREEZE: A refreshing marine fragrance with cool ozone and hints of gentle floral notes.
SECRET KISS: A fruity floral accord with top notes of peach, cassis, pineapple and banana. Complex floral heart of orange flower, jasmine, rose, violet, heliotrope and tuberose resting on musk, amber and balsams.
SEYCHELLES: This scent is reminiscent of a breezy Indian Ocean island, soothing Seychelles blends notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warm notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond.
SI: This fragrance opens with notes of bergamot, mandarin and liquer de cassis, it has a heart of rose de mai absolute, neroli absolute and jasmine absolute. Base notes of patchouli oil, amber and musky undertones of vanilla absolute.
SPRING AWAKENING: Inspired by the popular fabric conditioner. Trapped in the scent of spring flowers and hints of natural patchouli and white cedar, you can look forward to a revitalizing, uplifting experience that will leave you feeling invigorated and totally refreshed.
STRAWBERRY & LILY: Capture the freshness of laundry without the ironing and folding. Top notes of strawberry and citrus zest rest effortlessly with middle notes of lily, jasmine and violet leaf. This is completed by cedar, amber, vanilla bean and includes eucalyptus essential oil.
TANGERINE & CINNAMON: With crisp top notes of tangerine, soft floral middles notes and a woody orange base with the strong deep scent of cinnamon, this fragrance is perfect all year round.
TOASTED MARSHMALLOW: A mouthwatering combination of soft marshmallow with notes of creamy strawberry and vanilla.
UNICORN DUST: Similar scent to Fabulosa. Unicorn Dust is identical to the scent of those little purple parma violet sweets.
VANILLA: A full and sweet, identical to freshly chopped vanilla pods. It has a distinctive spicy but delicate floral aroma packed with a vanilla scent.
VAPOUR RUB: A fresh and strong eucalyptus fragrance with a slightly herbal and clean background with notes of thyme and menthol.
VELVET ROSE & OUD: Velvet Rose & Oud fragrance oil is rich and textural, wrapped with smoky oud wood. Spiked with clove, decadent with praline.
WARMING CASHMERE: An intoxicating sweet musk fragrance with supporting notes of white orchid, jasmine and vanilla.
WINTER GLOW: A complex and layered blend where crisp top notes of eucalyptus, mint and fresh orange saunter along ocean breezes in to a heart of lily, hyacinth, orchid, rose, earth and sweet fruity raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, pineapple, cassis, lilacs and aromatic wine.  At the base, cedar, amber, musk, burnt sugar and vanilla complete the fragrance profile.
WHITE COCOA & CHRISTMAS COOKIE: Think of steaming white cocoa, combined with the warmth of a delicious christmas cookie straight from the oven, this fragrance combines sweet nuances of biscuits and nutty nuances. All of this is smoothed by creamy, delectable lashing of vanilla. Yummy scent.
WILD FLOWER: A sophisticated multi-sensorial scent experiences are inspired by the latest trends. Wild Flower Bloom scent gradually releases uplifting aromas revitalising your senses with an impulsive burst of modern floral freshness and comfort.
ZOFLO COUNTRY GARDEN: A sparkling floral fragrance where hyacinth, violet leaf and English rhubarb combine with cottage rose and musk accents.
ZOFLO LAVENDER ESCAPE: Is a calming scent of English lavender with fresh jasmine, wild rose and sweet basil on a clean, powdery base.
ZOFLO LINEN FRESH: A fresh clean floral fougere with notes of lavender, ylang ylang and green leaves leading to a heart of lily, rose, iris and mimosa resting on a base of sandalwood and dry flowers.
ZOFLO MOUNTAIN AIR: A fresh floral fougere fragrance with top notes of lime, pineapple, parmma violet, lavender and gardenia, supported by a heart of rose, iris, lily and heliotrope, resting on a base of orange blossom, precious wood & amber.
ZOFLO SPRING TIME: A fresh green herbal fragrance with lemon, basil, armoise and thyme enriched by green leaves supported by a heart of pine needle, rose  and lily resting on a clean base of dry flowers and musk.    
ZOFLO TWILIGHT GARDEN: A full blooming sweet floral accord opening with green leaves blended with a splash of sweet orange, bergamot, pear, peach, coconut and raspberry leading to a heart of spicy red rose, sultry violets and night blooming jasmine supported by a base of sweet orchids, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and patchouli
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