Reed Diffuser Carrier Oil Base – Add Your Own Scent


Reed Diffuser Carrier Oil Base
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Reed Diffuser Carrier Oil Base – Add Your Own Scent

This reed diffuser carrier oil base, is an unscented base that you add a fragrance oil of your choice to, mix it up and for best results leave for around 48 hours before using.
The base allows you to create your own reed diffuser at home with any scent you want.
All you need to do is add your own fragrance or essential oil at a ratio of between 15 to 25% fragrance to base oil.
This is an eco-solvent base with superior performance compared to glycol ethers and acetates which are derived from petrochemical feedstocks and are more aggressive to human health and the environment.
This carrier oil has high solvency and is widely used in the home fragrancing industry as a diluent and carrier for fragrance for making environmentally friendly reed diffusers. Most well known luxury branded reed diffusers will use this base.
Just measure out your base and fragrance percentage into a suitable container that you can mix them up or shake them up, then just leave, with occasional stirring or shaking for a couple of days to bind the fragrance oil into the base, then just pour into your chosen diffuser container and add your reeds.
Keep out of reach from children & pets.
People with perfume sensitivity should wear gloves when mixing this base with fragrance oil.


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