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10ml Fragrance Oils

Exactly The Same As The Aftershaves

I purchased the Sauvage and Invictus and wow! They smell exactly like the aftershaves and are really intense, literally only need a few drops! Will definitely be buying more.
Amber Gregory

Wednesday, 13th October, 2021

Wax Melt Starter Kit

Keeps Me Busy

I was so glad I got this kit I love making them keeps me busy

Tuesday, 12th October, 2021

10ml fragrance Oils

All Smell Amazing

10 for £20 bulk buy ideal to save some pennies & buying different scents they’re all smell amazing!!
Corrina Danby

Friday 17th September, 2021

Perfumers Base – Blend With Fragrance Oils To Make Your Own Perfumes

Great Stuff & Great Price

Great stuff and great price there is,no a 1 litre bottle rather than just upto 500ml but that won’t put me of buying

Tuesday 28th September, 2021

Welcome To Wax Melt Shop

At Wax Melt Shop we offer a variety of products for customers who are interested in making their own home fragrance products, such as wax melts and simmering granules, room sprays, reed diffusers, carpet fresheners and other things.
Our products have all been sourced from reputable UK manufacturers, so we can provide only the best quality items to our customers. We have a range of 'Make Your Own' kits for people to try and see how they get on with making something from scratch, before maybe venturing into making them to sell.

Our Fragrance Oils are strong highly concentrated pure & uncut, so go a long way, whether using to manufacture, or in a burner or diffuser. We regularly add new scents to our range and take off old ones, so keep an eye in our SALE section for a bargain.
Our Unscented Simmering Granules are ideal if you’re a business and make these yourself to sell. We offer bulk options and are the cheapest on the market. Our soy waxes are popular for making wax melts, they can also be blended with paraffin to make a parasoy blend.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a good service, so feedback is appreciated, so we can develop our ranges and offer what our customers want. We are always happy to listen.
The Wax Melt Shop Team.

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