Simmering Granules Starter Pack – Madam


Starter Pack
Fragrance In Pack: Madam
Colour In Pack: Red

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Simmering Granules Starter Pack – Madam

Simmering Granules are very popular and easy to make.

They are less messy to use, cheap to make and quick to produce to sell.

You can soon be up & running, making these in numerous different fragrances, package them up and sell them for a decent profit.

Why not have a go with one of our starter kits, then you can purchase the unscented simmering granules, fragrances and colours, deli pots, etc to get yourself set up with a profitable business in no time.

Just follow the instructions in the starter pack and you will learn how easy it is to make your own scented simmering granules.

These are a high quality beaded granule that takes scent and colour really well.

Once made, just package up to use or to sell. A great home fragrance product that is very popular with customers.

Scented granules can also be used as room fresheners, place some in a dish and leave to scent the room, depending of how strong the fragrance will depend how strong the scent is.

Alternatively, pop some in an organza bag and hand on a radiator, the heat from the radiator heats the granules giving off the lovely aroma of the granules around the room. just change them once they no longer give off any scent.


  • Large plastic tub to mix the granules in
  • 10 x 2oz deli pots & lids
  • Bag of Granules
  • 1 x 10ml  Madamoiselle Fragrance Oil
  • 1 x Liquid Dye – Red
  • 1 x Pipette
  • Instruction Sheet – How to make





Additional information


Wax Melt Shop


Not Classified as Dangerous for Supply:

Relevant identified uses of the substance:  Chemical manufacture, food industry, animal feed industry,
water treatment, highways deicing.

Uses advised against: No uses advised against have been identified.

Hazard Identification:
EC Classification: Not classified According to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP)

Hazards: Unlikely to cause harmful effects under normal conditions of handling and use.

Composition/information on ingredients:
Product description: Granular. Pure Dried Vacuum and Un-dried Vacuum.

Classification under CLP:  This product has no classification under CLP.

There is no legal requirement to provide an SDS or information required under article 32 of REACH for this product.

Product is non-combustible.

First Aid Measures: 

Skin contact: Wash skin with water
Eye contact: Flush with clean water/eyewash for up to 15 minutes.
Ingestion: Wash out mouth with water and give 200-300 ml (half a pint) of water to drink.
Obtain medical attention if ill effects occur.


All values except moisture are calculated on a dry basis. Test methods used
are BS998:1990 or equivalent, except appearance which is a visual assessment.

PROPERTY                 UNIT                           SPECIFICATION         TYPICAL ANALYSIS
Appearance                                                  White Crystalline
Assay                       %m/m NaCl                  ≥99.9                          99.9
Moisture                    %m/m H2O                   <1.0                                0.1
Insoluble matter         mg/kg                           <50                             <10
Alkalinity                    mg/kg Na2CO3            <100                              68
Sulphate                    mg/kg Na2SO4            <300                            200
E535, Sodium HexacyanoferrateII
mg/kg Na4Fe(CN)6       <15                                 7
Total Iron                    mg/kg Fe                       <5                                  1.8
Total Calcium              mg/kg Ca                       <5                                 1.1
Total Magnesium        mg/kg Mg                       <1                               <0.1
Total Copper               mg/kg Cu                      <0.2                               0.05
Total Arsenic              mg/kg As                      <0.2                             <0.2
Total Lead                   mg/kg Pb                      <0.05                             0.01
Total Cadmium            mg/kg Cd                       <0.01                          <0.001
Total Mercury             mg/kg Hg                       <0.05                          <0.03
Total Bromide             mg/kg Br                        <50                             32

Typical Sieve Analysis                                        %Through Sieve
                                       3.35mm                                 99.3
1.7mm                                 52.5
0.6mm                                   1.7

Note that the specification for passing 0.6mm sieve is 10% maxim
Hydrosoft Granular are crystalline beads. The unique manufacturing process achieves food-grade purity and absence of mushing problems. The specification is assured by an audited Quality System to ISO 9001:2000 and the manufacturing process is accredited to the BRC Technical Standard.
Important Note: This data is given in good faith and correct at the date of publication, but it is for the users to satisfy themselves of the suitability of the
product for their purposes.


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