White Marble Ultrasonic LED Diffuser


Ultrasonic Diffuser
White / Marble Base
Size: 16 x 15cm
7 Colour Changing Settings



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White Marble Ultrasonic LED Diffuser

Ultrasonic Diffusers are becoming the new ‘In Thing’

Diffusers have been around for some time, but as more and more people want lovely smelling homes/spaces, these offer an alternative to wax melts, sizzlers, pot pourri and air fresheners.

This diffuser works well with Ultrasonic Diffuser Oils as they are concentrated pure oils that only need 6 – 8 drops to give off a lovely fragrance experience.

SIZE: LED Ultrasonic Diffuser 16x15cm

This is a Multi LED colour changing diffuser. It has a marble effect base with white top.
It has 7 colour settings, various time mist settings, as well as auto shut off when the water runs dry.

Supplied in a colour picture box with a USB adapter and a normal 3 pin plug.


The reservoir holds the water, ( we recommend tap water in our diffusers when using concentrated diffuser oils)
Below the reservoir is the ultrasonic membrane and under the membrane is a fan inside a separate, waterproof chamber. The fan moves air to push the mist out the top, but it is the membrane that vibrates and that is what makes it do its magic!
It vibrates at a high rate, which makes the ultrasonic membrane shake the water and oil into microdroplets. Just like a cloud, those droplets are so small that they’re lighter than air. Thus, they will puff out of the top like a mist and that is what carries the  microdroplets of scent around the area.
It usually takes anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes to get the aroma coming through, depending on how many drops you have added and how strong the fragrance is. If you find its not that strong, just take off the lid and add another couple of drops.
They are so easy to use, you basically just fill with tap water to the MAX line, luke warm tap water works best. Add your drops of oil. Place the lid on and turn on, then press which hour setting you require. All the diffusers come with full instructions. Don’t put on any uneven surface of near windows or draughty areas. keep well away from children and pets. When finished, after every use, its always better to tip out any left over liquid, and wash out carefully with water then give a wipe round with a piece of kitchen roll. leave to dry and you’ll be ready to go again next time. You can turn off and use again with same water, if you have only had it on for one hour and still have quite a bit left, but its not advisable to just keep filling it up, without regular cleaning, as it will clog up the diffuser element which will eventually stop it working correctly. To keep it in tip top condition and working at its best.. Regular cleaning is the best way to get the best out of your ultrasonic diffuser.

PLEASE NOTE: We take no responsibility for these machines if not used and cleaned regularly or by using incorrect oils that are not suitable for a ultrasonic diffuser, as this may cause damage to them.

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